Do you have the elements to be a CHIROPRACTOR?

We know that many people are curious about a career in chiropractic. We also know it can be hard to travel to visit a school or do research on your own to get the answers you need to find the right career and the right school to support your career.

We want to make it easier…so we are coming to YOU!

Life Chiropractic College West is sending its President, Dr. Brian Kelly and Dean of Enrollment, Dr. Mary Flannery, on the road, to meet with future chiropractors and help them (help you) learn more about this exciting profession.

Join us for one evening, in your town, and see if this is the answer you’ve been looking for!


Our understanding of the world comes from our belief systems. People who like to ask “why?” are philosophers. Philosophers find deeper answers and then help other people to understand how to make more informed choices and how to ask “why” themselves.

We need a world full of people asking more “whys”.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic, you must be well prepared to navigate the leading edge of scientific knowledge, especially as it relates to the human body and its functions.

Do you like to integrate innovative scientific knowledge and information with commonly understood scientific principles?


The delivery of the chiropractic adjustment requires intense study and understanding of the art and physics behind technique systems. Great adjustors are created when students learn both the physical, hands-on skill of adjusting AND the science behind each system for correction.

Do you like to use your hands to help people?


Do you believe that the human body and its expression of health is more than just the sum of its parts? Do you think that the innate intelligence that runs the body is the key to true health?

Then you are a vitalist!


The world is looking for new leadership for the health care system. We are looking for new vision and new opportunities to create safe, effective and lasting health for our families and our communities.

Are you a leader?